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DynaVap The "M" - Titaniu"M": Fall Colors (Includes Free Torch!)

DynaVap The "M" - Titaniu"M": Fall Colors (Includes Free Torch!)

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**Includes a free 1 flame torch!**

The Titaniu"M" Fall Colors(NebuluM, and QuantiuM) are here with a few special twists! For the first time ever, The "M" is made of titanium and features the smooth Classic Stem design. The second twist is that this year's colors are the result of a surface treatment that DynaVap has developed. This process makes the titanium more durable and scratch resistant.

Titaniu"M": NebuluM
A unique coloration that could rival a Nebula - the Titaniu"M": NebuluM has a base of purple and includes blue and violet hues throughout.
*Colored, but not textured

Titaniu"M": QuantiuM
The shine and luster of this beautiful Titaniu"M": QuantiuM comes from a unique texture and treatment of the titanium.
*Colored and textured

Although, to truly savor the aromatic essence of your herbs, we'd suggest a butane torch or the sophisticated Induction Heater. For those wanting to dive into the world of DynaVap VapCaps, the “M” is your gateway.

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    Colin Connors
    I’ll never combust again.

    The DynaVap is simply the best fresh herb Vaporizer on the market, since they don’t have a battery, or induction heater to worry about going out. They are simple to clean, hit smooth, and are made of top quality material so give it a shot you’ll probably love it!

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