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Volcano Hybrid Bubbler Attachment - Includes O-Rings

Volcano Hybrid Bubbler Attachment - Includes O-Rings

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Ultimate Vapor Enhancer: Volcano Hybrid Bubbler for Cooler, More Humidified Sessions

Introducing the Volcano Hybrid Bubbler: a game-changer for your vapor experience! With this innovative accessory, you'll enjoy cooler, more humidified vapor, enhanced efficiency, and unparalleled vapor quality.

Designed for use with the Volcano Hybrid, simply attach the Bubbler using the medium-sized O-ring for a perfect fit.

Product includes the needed O-Rings for the perfect fit!

Inspired by a renowned product, this clone offers the same incredible benefits at an affordable price.

Made with precision and care in Mainland China, the Volcano Hybrid Bubbler is your ticket to a truly exceptional vaping experience. Upgrade your sessions today!

Shipping Information:

This item ships directly from our warehouse located in Frederick, Maryland via USPS. Items should arrive within 2-5 days once shipped. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we strive to deliver your Volcano Hybrid Bubbler Attachment as swiftly as possible.

Order is shipped in one package containing the following:

  • Volcano Hybrid Bubbler in Bubble Wrap and Box.
  • 3-6 O-Rings to ensure the proper fit for your Bubbler.
  • Instructions for on how to use the Bubbler.

Origin: Mainland China

Where to find the correct O-Rings if you already have one?

O-Ring Instructions:

Get ready to take your Volcano Hybrid sessions to new heights with VapeWidgets' Volcano Hybrid Bubbler and the included O-Rings! Just follow these simple and enjoyable steps:

  1. Fill the Volcano Hybrid Bubbler from the top using a blunt syringe or at the sink, ensuring that the water covers ONLY the internal vents of the Bubbler's TOP chamber.

  2. Swap out the BLUE O-ring that came with your Easy Valve Herbal Chamber for the smallest RED O-ring provided. Secure the Volcano Hybrid Bubbler onto the Easy Valve Herbal Chamber by pushing down and twisting until it's fully seated. When correctly installed, you'll see a slim seal line between the Bubbler and the Easy Valve Herbal Chamber, and the Bubbler won't wobble or be loose. If it's not snug, try a slightly larger O-ring to achieve the perfect fit.

  3. Time to enjoy! Use your Volcano as you typically would, but remember not to overfill or squeeze your bag when it's attached to the Bubbler. Now you're all set to experience top-notch vapor quality with your upgraded Volcano setup! Happy vaping!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Michael Skolnick
Volcano hybrid bubbler

Replaced the one I spent $250 and broke in 2 days. Same thing for $50.

Works but water always falls thru the first perc

Great little tool, and it 100% works on the classic as long as your balloons have the easy valve. but it’s kind of a pain to constantly have to empty and refill after each balloon, as the water goes to the bottom after filling the balloon.

I just wanted to mention that sometimes if too much water is added, it can cause the water to fall through the first perc. To avoid this, we recommend only filling the bubbler about 1/4' above the holes. This should help prevent any water from overflowing. Thank you for your feedback and happy vaping! -David

A Jean

smooth and effective, I no longer use my volcano hybrid without this attachment

Howard Sims

Volcano Hybrid Bubbler Attachment - Includes O-Rings

A Must Have

Great quality product, making the vape experience even better.

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