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VortHex Water Bubbler - The First Mighty+ and Crafty+ Portable Bubbler

VortHex Water Bubbler - The First Mighty+ and Crafty+ Portable Bubbler

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Step into a new dimension of vaping with the VortHex, a groundbreaking vaporizer attachment that empowers you to maximize your vaping experience.

The VortHex Water Bubbler is truly a revolutionary product in the world of vaping, presenting a never-before-seen solution to enhanced vaping experiences. This pioneering device is the first-ever portable water bubbler specifically designed for the Storz and Bickel Mighty+ and Crafty+ vaporizers. The ingenuity of the VortHex doesn't stop at portability.

It embraces a unique hexagonal design to optimize cooling efficiency, leveraging the simple physics of water and silicone tubing for a smooth, cooled vapor. This cutting-edge innovation allows users to enjoy the power of their devices in a more compact, portable, and efficient manner.

By introducing an unprecedented way of cooling vapor, the VortHex Water Bubbler sets a new benchmark in vaping technology, redefining what vapers can expect from their vaping gear.


  • Compact Hex Design: The VortHex is built with a unique hexagonal structure that enhances cooling efficiency and strength while ensuring the attachment is compact and portable.
  • Colorful and Powerful: Choose from a variety of vibrant colors to express your personal style while vaping.
  • Engineered for Efficiency: The patented hex shape of the VortHex allows for improved cooling, resulting in longer, more potent vape sessions.
  • Easy Cooling: The VortHex uses simple physics to its advantage, utilizing water and the length of a silicone tube to promote effective cooling.
  • Compatibility: The VortHex can be easily attached to your vaporizer, combining the powers of portability and might in one compact design.

Included in the Box:

  • VortHex attachment
  • Adapter
  • Silicone Tube (Long for Mighty vaporizers, Short for Crafty vaporizers)
  • Mouthpiece
  • Measure cup

The VortHex is incredibly easy to use. Simply fill the included measure cup with cold water (max 30ml), pour the water into the VortHex through the top hole, and connect your vaporizer. Insert the adapter into the top hole and connect the silicone tube to the side hole. Now you're ready to power up your device and experience the revolutionary VortHex!

However, please be aware of the following:

  • Do not rotate the VortHex upside down while it's connected to your device.
  • Replace the water every use—do not reuse the same water.
  • Do not blow air into the tube, as this could damage your device.

Maintaining and cleaning the VortHex is also simple. After use, disconnect your device and adapter, then pour out any remaining water. To clean use Vopa Clean detergent. Pour 30ml of detergent into the VortHex, shake for 1-2 minutes, rinse thoroughly with water, and let it dry. Alternatively, you can use your favorite product for cleaning your other glass products and follow the same steps!

International Customers Please Buy from Vopa3D the manufacturer located in Israel for quicker shipping!

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Customer Reviews

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WHAT is this made of?? PET??

The idea of inhaling the vapor that comes from this toxic plastic is scary! PET has so many health issues with exposure... inhaling vapor that has PET exposure defeats the purpose of filtering the vapor thru water to further clean it up. This is a great idea but, very very bad execution! Make it out of glass!!!

Hi Dan!
I'm sorry you are worried about the safety of your Vorthex. Let me assure you that the device is 3D printed from food-grade PLA filament.

Hugo Franca

I had an issue with the payment and got great help to solve it.


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