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Storz & Bickel Screen Set Small

Storz & Bickel Screen Set Small

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Introducing the Storz & Bickel Screen Set Small - a 4-piece collection of high-quality screens designed to enhance your vaporizer's performance and ensure a smooth, enjoyable vaping experience. These screens are specifically tailored for use with Storz & Bickel devices, ensuring a perfect fit and compatibility.

Included in this set:

  • 2 pcs. Upper Screen with coarse mesh width (approx. Ø 15 mm)
  • 2 pcs. Lower Screen with regular mesh width (approx. Ø 15 mm)

The upper screens feature a coarser mesh width, ideal for optimal airflow and preventing larger particles from entering the vapor path. The lower screens, with a regular mesh width, serve to filter out finer particles, ensuring you get a clean and pure vapor with every session.

Constructed from durable materials, these screens are designed to withstand high temperatures and regular use. They're easy to clean and replace, making them an essential accessory for maintaining your vaporizer's performance and longevity.

Upgrade your vaping experience with the Storz & Bickel Screen Set Small - a must-have addition to your vaporizer accessories collection.

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