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Rattler Glass Cooling Stem for DynaVap

Rattler Glass Cooling Stem for DynaVap

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Introducing the Rattler Glass Cooling Stem - your DynaVap's perfect companion for smoother, more enjoyable sessions. Designed with precision and functionality in mind, this stem promises to revolutionize your DynaVap experience.

Key Features:

  1. Glass Cooling Beads: With ten strategically placed glass beads, your vapor undergoes an intricate cooling process. These beads act as heat diffusers, ensuring each draw is cool and gentle on your throat.

  2. Pure Flavor: Made entirely of glass, the stem ensures that your vapor's flavor remains unaltered and as pure as possible, offering you a genuine taste of your materials every time.

  3. Air Port Design: This stem is not just about cooling; its built-in air port allows you to adjust your draw resistance and control the vapor production, tailoring each session to your preferences.

  4. DynaStash XL Compatibility: The stem's design ensures it snugly fits inside any DynaStash XL. Now, you can confidently carry your glass stem with you, ensuring it's protected from accidental knocks and drops.

  5. Universal Compatibility: Designed to fit seamlessly with any DynaVap tip, this stem becomes an integral part of your DynaVap ensemble, promising compatibility without compromises.

Dimensions: A convenient 3.125″ in length.

Note: The DynaVap Tip is sold separately.

Elevate your DynaVap sessions with the Rattler Glass Cooling Stem. Experience smoother draws, enriched flavors, and enhanced control, all packaged in a sleek, portable design. Your DynaVap deserves the best, and with this stem, that's precisely what you offer it.

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Customer Reviews

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Nice glass cooling unit for dynavap vapcap

With 2 rubber O- rings this glass connects nicely with the vapcap and helps cool the vaper more than the original stem. Good customer service following through with the needed o- rings. Thank you!

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