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Puffco Proxy - Your Ultimate Portable, Modular Vaporizer

Puffco Proxy - Your Ultimate Portable, Modular Vaporizer

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Product Description:

Discover the Puffco Proxy, a versatile and portable modular vaporizer designed to enhance your cannabis consumption experience. Combining tradition and innovation, the elegant, ergonomic glass pipe cradles the Proxy's unique removable base, allowing you to personalize your sessions with an array of compatible Puffco accessories and third-party artist glass. Powered by cutting-edge 3D Chamber technology, the Proxy offers four precision heat settings for optimum flavor and vapor production.

Full Tech Specs:

  • Carrying Case Included
  • 4 Pre-Programmed Heat Settings
  • 3D Chamber (Sealed)
  • Ceramic Bowl
  • Carb Cap & Tether
  • Boost Mode
  • USB-C Connection
  • 1350mAh Battery Capacity
  • 1.5-Hour Fast Charge Time
  • 15-Heat Cycle Average Battery Life
  • 30-Second Heat-Up Time
  • Auto-Sleep Function
  • Base Dimensions (LxWxH): 42 x 42 x 64.75mm
  • Glass Dimensions (LxWxH): 42 x 129.41 x 57.48mm

Proxy Kit Includes:

  • Carrying Case
  • Base
  • Glass
  • Chamber
  • Cable
  • Loading Tool
  • Dual Tool

A Heat Setting for Everyone:

  • Blue (Low): Most flavor, lowest vapor production
  • Green (Medium): Balanced flavor and vapor
  • Red (High): High vapor with good flavor
  • White (Peak): Highest vapor, for bigger dabs

3D Chamber for a Premium Experience: The innovative Puffco 3D Chamber revolutionizes heating technology. With heating tracers embedded in the ceramic bowl, the oil vaporizes on the side walls instead of the bottom when inhaling, preserving the oil's quality for consistently smooth hits and amplified flavor.

  • Highly Efficient
  • Consistent temperature control
  • Preserves flavor quality
  • Glazed ceramic bowl for easy cleaning

Highly Portable: Compact yet powerful, the Proxy is designed for on-the-go use. The sturdy carrying case and extra storage make it an all-in-one convenient solution for your vaping needs. Experience the ultimate in portable, modular vaporizers with the Puffco Proxy today!

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