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Puffco Hot Knife - The Ultimate Dab Tool for Precision and Control

Puffco Hot Knife - The Ultimate Dab Tool for Precision and Control

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Say goodbye to messy and frustrating dab sessions with the Puffco Hot Knife! This revolutionary dab tool is designed to make handling even the stickiest concentrates a breeze, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience every time.


  • Quick heat button: The Hot Knife's ceramic tip heats up quickly, allowing you to effortlessly slide sticky dabs onto your nail without any mess or fuss.
  • Precision handling: The ceramic tip is designed to melt away hard-to-handle shatters without breaking off pieces, providing you with complete control over your dabbing experience.
  • Fast charging: The Hot Knife charges in just 30 minutes and lasts for up to 50 slab grabs, ensuring you're always ready for your next session.
  • Compatible with any setup: While the Hot Knife is the perfect companion for the Puffco Peak e-rig, it can also be used with any dabbing setup.
  • Enhance your dabbing experience: Pair your Hot Knife with other premium dabbing accessories to create the ultimate personalized setup for your sesh.

Upgrade your dabbing game with the Puffco Hot Knife, the must-have dab tool for precision and control. Order yours today and experience the difference!

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