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Emerald 12.5" Straight Fab Water Pipe with Seed of Life Perc & Quartz Bowl

Emerald 12.5" Straight Fab Water Pipe with Seed of Life Perc & Quartz Bowl

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Introducing the exquisite 12.5-inch Emerald Green Straight Fab Water Pipe - your new go-to piece for an unparalleled smoking experience. Featuring a unique Seed of Life percolator and 32-hole diffusion, this water pipe delivers consistently smooth and enjoyable hits, making it an absolute favorite for dabs and vapes.

The 19mm female joint size connects seamlessly to your favorite accessories, and the included glass quartz bowl adds to the overall functionality and aesthetics of this fantastic piece. With a large 4.5-inch base and a wide 1.75-inch mouthpiece, this Straight Fab Water Pipe is designed to be sturdy, comfortable, and reliable.

Pair it with a Volcano bag-to-bong adapter for the ultimate experience that will leave you wanting more.

Product Specifications:

  • Height: 12.5 inches (325mm)
  • Glass Thickness: (22+50)mm
  • Joint size: 19mm female
  • Accessory: Glass Quartz Bowl
  • Net Weight: 680g (approximately)
  • Package Weight: 1100g (approximately)
  • Seed of Life Perc
  • 32 Hole Diffusion
  • Emerald Green Color
  • Large 4.5" Base
  • Wide 1.75" Mouth Piece
  • Origin: China

Package includes:

  • 1pcs Glass Rig
  • 1pcs Bowl

Upgrade your smoking gear with our 12.5" Emerald Green Straight Fab Water Pipe, complete with a Seed of Life percolator, 32-hole diffusion, and glass quartz bowl for an unparalleled dabbing and vaping experience.

Product does ship from China, please allow 7-15 days for delivery.

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