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Beehive Nano Rig

Beehive Nano Rig

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Dive deep into the mesmerizing world of craftsmanship with Empire Glasswork’s nano rigs. Meticulously crafted and showcasing the fragility of our planet's ecosystems, these rigs are more than just a piece of art; they're a call to awareness.

About This Rig:

The Bee Hive Nano Rig stands as a symbolic representation of the bustling life of honey bees and the sweetness they bring into our lives. Draped in vibrant hues of gold, this rig embodies the essence of a beehive, right from its cylindrical body to its hive-like neck.


  • Stunning Design: Mini Beaker Bee Hive-themed tube perfectly captures the essence of a beehive. The details, from the overflowing honey to the busy bees, are immaculate.

  • Optimized Diffusion: Comes with a fixed three-hole downstem ensuring a smooth and refreshing hit every time.

  • Highly Durable: Features a 14.5mm reinforced female banger hanger designed for prolonged usage.


  • Height: 6.0"
  • Width: 3.5"
  • Weight: 250g

Make a Statement:

Beyond its captivating design and top-tier functionality, this rig is a tribute to the intricate world of honey bees. Every detail, from the honey drips to the swarm of bees, serves as a reminder of the beauty of the natural world and the importance of conservation.

Special Note:

These rigs are individually handcrafted. The love, effort, and expertise put into each piece make them unique. Due to their handcrafted nature, there might be slight differences from one piece to another, making each rig truly one-of-a-kind.

Also, stocks are limited. This work of art has been created in limited numbers, making it a rare and special addition to any collection.

Save the Honey Bee:

The decline in honey bee populations is alarming. By choosing this rig, you not only get a beautiful piece of art but also become a part of a bigger movement. Find out how you can contribute to saving the honey bee and ensure they continue to buzz in our world.

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