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Glass Bubbler Water Adapter Sidecar for Mighty(+)/Crafty(+)

Glass Bubbler Water Adapter Sidecar for Mighty(+)/Crafty(+)

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Elevate your vaping experience with our Universal Premium Glass Water Adapter Sidecar, expertly tailored for the Mighty, Mighty+, Crafty, and Crafty+ from Storz & Bickel. This finely crafted tool accessory enhances your vapor quality by cooling it through water, ensuring smoother, more flavorful draws. Made with high-grade glass for ultimate clarity and durability, this adapter is designed to fit seamlessly with your device. Plus, we've included an extra screen to keep your device running at its peak performance. Unify your Storz & Bickel experience with this versatile and top-tier accessory.

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Rodriguez
Never got My post

Bad so far

Hi Michael,
Deutsche Post attempted to deliver your order yesterday morning. I would recommend contacting them for a redelivery.

Kory McWain
Great alternative to sock mouthpiece

I like the glass but the adapter is finicky. To get a good hit I have to apply pressure to the base of the rubber adapter. Maybe a stiffer plastics would help

Charlie Jones Jr
Wonky setup

Debated about giving 5 stars but the setup is flukey and wobbly. But otherwise, excellent vaping from such a little, portable , and powerful device.

Best Bubbler for the Mighty+

I tried the long and short-tube bubblers and they sucked. This one is perfect.

Oops. 5 stars all the way. This is the only bubbler I use now. The little protective bumpers are great, I just wish they were a less noticeable color.


Glass Bubbler Water Adapter Sidecar for Mighty(+)/Crafty(+)

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