Mastering the Moka Pot for Cannabis AVB Infusions: A Budget-Friendly and Efficient Alternative

The Moka pot, a classic stovetop coffee maker, is more than just an instrument for brewing a delicious cup of coffee. Its unique design, which allows for gentle heating, makes it an ideal tool for creating cannabis infusions. By preserving the active compounds in cannabis, the Moka pot ensures that your infused butter or oil maintains its potency. Moreover, the Moka pot is a cost-effective and user-friendly piece of equipment that can be easily found in most kitchenware stores.

What is AVB and How to Obtain It from a Volcano Hybrid or Other Flower Vaporizers


AVB, or already vaped bud, refers to the cannabis material that has been used in a vaporizer. Vaporizing, as opposed to combustion methods like smoking, heats the cannabis to a temperature high enough to release the active compounds, such as THC and CBD, without actually burning the plant material. As a result, the remaining AVB still contains some active cannabinoids and can be reused in various ways, such as making cannabis-infused edibles.

The Volcano Hybrid is a high-quality desktop vaporizer that allows users to enjoy the benefits of vaporized cannabis without combustion. It uses a combination of convection and conduction heating to efficiently extract the active compounds from the cannabis flower. However, any flower vaporizer, whether it's a desktop or portable device, can produce AVB as long as it operates under the same principles.

To collect AVB from your Volcano Hybrid or other flower vaporizers, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that your vaporizer is clean and in proper working condition.
  2. Load the cannabis flower into the vaporizer's chamber according to the device's instructions.
  3. Set the temperature to the appropriate range, typically between 315°F and 440°F (157°C to 227°C), depending on your desired effects and vaporization efficiency.
  4. After your vaporization session, allow the device to cool down before opening the chamber.
  5. Carefully collect the AVB, which should appear brownish and slightly crispy. Store it in an airtight container until you have accumulated enough to use in your cannabis-infused edibles.

By incorporating MCT oil and AVB into your cannabis-infused edibles, you can create potent and delicious treats that make the most of these valuable ingredients. Experiment with various recipes and techniques to find the perfect combination that suits your taste and desired effects.

Creating Cannabis Butter or Coconut Oil with AVB and a Moka Pot: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ready to explore the world of homemade cannabis infusions? Follow this step-by-step guide to create your very own cannabis butter or coconut oil using AVB and a Moka pot.


    Using 18-25 grams of AVB (feel free to experiment with the quantity), a sufficient amount of water to fill at least half of the lowest chamber in the espresso pot(Moka Pot), and approximately 2-3 tablespoons of butter or coconut oil, you can prepare a simple extraction.

    Follow these straightforward instructions:

    1. Unscrew the top of the espresso pot and remove the middle chamber.
    2. Place the butter or oil in the bottom chamber and fill it at least halfway with water.
    3. Weigh and record the quantity of AVB or decarbed herb you'll be using and place it in the middle chamber, where coffee grounds would typically go.
    4. Reattach the top of the espresso pot and heat it on the stove for at least 10 minutes on medium heat. Avoid using high heat to prevent burning the butter and to maintain proper temperature for water to pass through the herb.
    5. As the heated water and butter mixture passes through the herb in the middle chamber, it will produce a "burping" sound, indicating that the extraction is taking place.
    6. Once the extraction process is complete, pour the resulting liquid into a Pyrex measuring cup or a similar container and let it cool before placing it in the refrigerator.
    7. Allow the butter or oil and water to separate completely in the refrigerator, which may take an hour or more.
    8. Once the butter or oil layer has separated from the water, use a butter knife to pry it out of the container.

    These instructions are a simplified version of the extraction process, which can be further refined by experimenting with various factors such as water quantity and temperature settings.

      Understanding MCT Oil and Its Benefits for Edibles

      MCT oil, or medium-chain triglyceride oil, is a type of fat derived from coconut oil or palm kernel oil. It has gained popularity in recent years for its numerous health benefits and its role as a key ingredient in various wellness and dietary practices, such as the ketogenic diet. MCT oil is an excellent choice for cannabis-infused edibles for several reasons:

      1. Bioavailability: MCT oil has a unique molecular structure that allows it to be rapidly absorbed and metabolized by the body. This means that when it is used as a carrier for cannabinoids like THC and CBD, it can enhance their bioavailability and allow for more efficient absorption into the bloodstream.
      2. Neutral Flavor: MCT oil has a mild, almost undetectable taste, making it an ideal choice for cannabis-infused edibles. It won't overpower the flavors of your recipes and can easily be incorporated into a variety of dishes.
      3. Versatility: MCT oil is liquid at room temperature, making it easy to mix with other ingredients. It can be used in both sweet and savory recipes and can be consumed as a supplement or used as a cooking oil.

      Real-Life Experience with Moka Pot Cannabis Infusions

      Cannabis enthusiasts have shared their successful experiences with using a Moka pot for creating cannabis infusions, adding valuable insights to the process.

      One user shared that they used a 6-cup Bialetti Venus Moka pot and 24 grams of finely ground and tightly packed AVB in the filter cup. They added 6 oz of boiling water and 6 oz of coconut oil to the bottom of the pot. After heating the mixture for a few minutes, they observed a steady flow of infused oil into the top of the pot. Once the process was complete, the user ended up with potent amber oil that provided pain relief and relaxation.

      Another user shared their experience making cannabis chocolates using a Moka pot. They used 8 grams of lightly vaped AVB, 1/2 cup of coconut oil, and about 1/4 cup of water, along with chocolate pieces. After extracting the AVB into the oil with the Moka pot, they chilled the mixture and separated the water. They then melted the infused oil and combined it with the chocolate, creating cannabis-infused chocolate candies. The user reported that the taste was excellent, and they were in the process of determining the ideal dosage for the desired effects.

      Tips for Successful Cannabis Infusions with a Moka Pot

      To make the most of your Moka pot for cannabis infusions, keep the following tips in mind:

      1. Grind your AVB finely and pack it tightly into the filter cup. Some users have found that using an espresso tamper helps achieve proper compression.
      2. Use a ratio of water and oil that works best for your desired consistency. One user suggested a 1:3 water-to-oil ratio for a successful extraction.
      3. Pay attention to the heat settings on your stovetop. One user reported that a medium-high heat on an electric stove worked well for their extraction process.
      4. Keep track of the time and temperature throughout the process to ensure that the active compounds in the cannabis are preserved.
      5. Experiment with different recipes, such as cannabis chocolates, to create a variety of infused treats. Be mindful of the dosage, and always start with a small amount to determine your tolerance.


      The Moka pot has proven to be an efficient, affordable, and accessible tool for making cannabis infusions at home. Its gentle heating method preserves the active compounds in cannabis, resulting in potent infused butter or oil that can be incorporated into various recipes. By following the step-by-step guide and learning from the experiences of other cannabis enthusiasts, you too can master the Moka pot method and enjoy the benefits of homemade cannabis-infused edibles.

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