VortHex Water Bubbler: The Ultimate Portable Bubbler for Mighty+ and Crafty+ Vaporizers


In the vibrant and evolving world of vaping, the race to provide enhanced experiences through cutting-edge technology is an unending marathon. The latest leap in this pursuit is the innovative VortHex Water Bubbler made by Vopa3D out of Israel, the first-ever portable water bubbler designed explicitly for the Mighty+ and Crafty+ vaporizers by Storz and Bickel.

Selling at a regular price of $47.99, the VortHex Water Bubbler is a game-changer, offering a unique, never-before-seen solution to optimize your vaping experiences. Despite its immediate sell-out, this revolutionary product’s unique features and unprecedented utility have sparked excitement and anticipation among vaping enthusiasts worldwide.

Unique Hexagonal Design and Cooling Efficiency

The VortHex Water Bubbler distinguishes itself with an innovative hexagonal design, stepping away from traditional vaping aesthetics. This patented design is more than just visually striking; it's purposeful. The hex shape optimizes cooling efficiency and enhances the device's structural strength, making it durable and effective.

Furthermore, the VortHex leverages the simple physics of water and silicone tubing to deliver a cooled, smooth vapor, offering users a delightful vaping experience. Its compact design doesn't compromise on power, ensuring users can enjoy their devices' potency in a more efficient, portable manner.

Easy Usage and Maintenance

The VortHex's ingenious design extends to its user-friendly interface. To set up, simply fill the included measure cup with cold water, pour it into the VortHex through the top hole, and connect your vaporizer. To clean, simply pour out the remaining water and cleanse using Vopa Clean detergent. With its straightforward usage and easy-to-follow cleaning instructions, the VortHex stands as a testament to user-centric design in the vaping world.

However, users must remember to replace the water after each use, never to rotate the VortHex upside down while connected to the device, and avoid blowing air into the tube, ensuring the device's longevity and optimal functioning.

A Device for Everyone

To further enhance its appeal, the VortHex is available in a variety of vibrant colors, ensuring there's a bubbler to match everyone's style. Coupled with its ease of attachment to a variety of vaporizers, the VortHex guarantees a personalized vaping experience for every user.

The VortHex Water Bubbler comes equipped with an attachment, an adapter, a silicone tube (long for Mighty vaporizers, short for Crafty vaporizers), a mouthpiece, and a measure cup, providing everything necessary for an unforgettable vaping session right out of the box.


The VortHex Water Bubbler is a remarkable addition to the vaping landscape, pushing the boundaries of what a vaping accessory can achieve. Its portability, combined with its unique hexagonal design, enhanced cooling efficiency, and easy maintenance, have quickly made it a must-have for vaping enthusiasts. With the VortHex Water Bubbler, the future of vaping looks exciting and vibrant, full of potential for further innovation and user satisfaction.

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