Obsidian Vs. VapeWidgets Volcano Bubbler Drop Test - Does VapeWidgets sell "Cheap Chinese Glass" ?

Magma-Industries Obsidian Vs. VapeWidgets Volcano Bubbler!

This video was made in response to certain members of a few communities trying to say our products are "cheap chinese" glass! In the video we find out the VapeWidgets version is at least 50% thicker than the Obsidian, and the workmanship appears to be better quality. Our glass is made in a factory located in the Guangdong Province of China, I made this video to emphasis the factors that go into quality glass making. As shown in this video the LOCATION of where your glass is made is irrelevant to the quality produced. The best glass is made with the best designs, quality control, and most of all #1 THE WORKERS that are making the glass! I tested 10+ factories before choosing this glass factory due to their absolutely superior craftsmanship and quality control as shown in this video.

Thank you, David

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